Welcome to Lighthouse Books.

Login and Ordering Procedure

1. Already registered (last year) continue to Login

2. New users are required to register first to create an account.

Student Username and Password

If you have been asked to login using a student login and password based on their name, please select this option when starting an order.  You will still need to create your own account first as the student username and password is only used to add a student to your account.

School Codes

You may have been provided with a five letter School Code.  This code will preselect the your student's school and available options.  Simply enter this when starting an order and select from the options listed.

This applies to following schools: 

Cornerstone College: AEEGP

Immanuel College:  JJSTQ

Investigator College: SBWEQ

Pedare College: MXKVG


We accept Bpay and Credit card payments. Please get your orders in as early as possible as it may take up to 5 or 6 weeks to pack and dispatch, and we don't want your student to be without their books for the start of school year. We cannot guarantee delivery for the start of the school year for orders placed after December 17th, 2023. Please note even early orders maybe delayed if there are stock issues. 

Delivery, Tracking and Notifications

All parcels will be delivered by Toll.  Be sure to add your mobile number to activate SMS notifications.

In some cases, the school has asked for your order to be delivered directly to the school.  Pick up from Lighthouse Book is not available.

Contacting Us

Our office gets very busy after December 24th. Contact is preferred by email to booklist@lighthousebooks.com.au (or use the contact form) in the banner above. Please include the school, year level and student's name.  If you call and we are unable to take your call please leave a message so that we can get back to you. 


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